Alien Autopsy Memories for Pen Addict Episode 600

My Jonathon Brook’s Alien Autopsy, a double ender pen with grinds by Mark Bacas.

One end has an Architect paired with Luminous ink, and the other a Cursive Italic paired with Matador Red ink.
Alien Autopsy Atop Mator Red and Luminous Ink Bottles

This pen marked going to the pen show to see my friends.

Delia’s Check Sausage Stand

Make Do Pod recording

All the Great Pen Addicts

Spano – a minimum-viable Micropub Media Endpoint by Marty McGuireMarty McGuire

Micropub is an open API standard to create posts on one’s own domain using third-party clients  and currently a W3C Candidate Recommendation. One of the (semi-) recent additions is the idea of a Micropub Media Endpoint. The Media Endpoint provides a way for Micropub clients to upload media files…

#python #content-addressable

I won’t be able to make, but will be playing along from home. @SteveStreza @TimSwast @altsalt @funwhilelost @rrrrrrrix @codynhat @phedhex @dangerdave